What Is a Tom Cat? What Do They Eat? How Do They Behave?

What Is a Tom Cat? What Do They Eat?What is a Tom cat? It is an innocent looking domestic cat classed as a feral or wild cat in most states, but is legally considered a cat in most parts of the world. The cat is actually a wild domestic species of small carnivore mammal known as the “feral cat” or “wildcat.” It is also often called the domestic cats by many, even the “pet cat.”What Is a Tom Cat?

It was not so long ago that a tomcat was used for hunting small game. However, in due course its natural prey source has been depleted. Nowadays, it is mainly focused on becoming a pest by bringing rodents and pests down to feeders set up in its own territory. The cat may also become dangerous when unsupervised. Some cities and towns have been known to allow the cat free rein because it will not harm people or property. However, this is only with a vigilant watch.Tom cat

What is a Tom cat’s diet? A normal tom will eat mice, rats, and other small animals. But it is more likely that the cat will catch something bigger to eat such as a squirrel, rabbit, or other larger animal. What is a Tom cat’s normal behavior? Though rarely aggressive, the Tom will use his claws when threatened to bring down an intruder. So now you know what is a tom cat.