What Do Kittens Eat When They Are Young?

What Do Kittens Eat When They Are YoungWhat do kittens eat? Kittens get their nutritional needs from their mother, but they also need food and water for the first few weeks of their life, too. At two weeks of age, provide only 1/2 cup of dry food per day, and provide a small bit more if you notice that he is still eating well. When the kittens get up to three weeks of age, start to give them moist, easily chewed treats, and gradually introduce a dry, digestible diet. You don’t have to worry about calories and nutrients now, as your kitten will get all of his nutrition from his mother, but you should still watch him for signs that he is hungry.What Do Kittens Eat?

What do kittens eat when they are older? They get most of their nutrition from you, so you should feed them with high quality cat food, a regular schedule, and never starve them or give poor nutrition. At six to eight weeks of age, start working on your kittens’ nutrition by slowly replacing old kitten chow with quality cat food brands that are fortified and enriched with vitamins and nutrients. At nine to ten weeks of age, introduce cooked food to your kittens’ diet. This will help them get used to a steady flow of new food.Discover What Do Kittens Eat

Finally, after you have worked with your veterinarian and your pet owner for a while, it is important to get your pet cat examined annually. Even healthy, growing kittens can get serious illnesses at times. To prevent illnesses like those that can be fatal, you will need to have your cat checked out by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Knowing what do kittens eat when they are young can help you and your veterinarian keep your kitten healthy for many years of a happy, cat-filled life!