What Is The Average Life Of A Cat? How Long Do they live?

What Is The Average Life Of A Cat? How Long Do they live?Average Life of a Cat is generally understood to mean the total amount of time a cat has been alive, excluding reproduction. The average lifespan of a cat may be two to five years and can vary depending on many factors including the breed, health, age and genetic makeup of the cat. The average life span of a cat varies widely from six to ten years. The cat is an obligate carnivore, which means it must eat up. It is the only domestic animal in the feline family and is commonly known as the domesticated cat to differentiate it from its other wild relatives such as the jackal, hyena and tiger.What Is The Average Life Of A Cat?

A cat’s life span can also depend on the type of breed to which it belongs. Common breeds such as the Japanese Bobtail and the Persianayan Cat are longer lived than the Siamese breed. In recent times there have been some rare cats that have lived up to a hundred years. These are generally thought to be true breeds rather than genetic defects but cannot be proven.How Long Do they live?

As the life expectancy of a domestic cat has increased, so has the demand for them in pet stores and through advertisements in newspapers and on television. Pet stores offer a wide variety of cat breeds, so that there should be one available to suit any taste. Because these cats cost more than breeding ones, it is important that the buyer to select a breed that will be long-lived and healthy. An average life of a cat can be obtained by selecting a breed that is known to have long life spans and avoiding those with short lifespans, especially when breeding. The best way to extend a cats life is to ensure it has plenty of exercise, and you feed it a healthy diet.