Should You Buy a Kitten?

Should You Buy a Kitten?When you finally decide to buy a kitten, you will soon discover that there are so many different places to get kittens from, including pet stores or kitty breeders. The pet store is not the only place to get a kitten from however, and it might be a good idea to consider other options before deciding on which place is right for you. Some people do not like the idea of giving a kitten up for adoption, especially if they have raised their kitty from an early age. Others just do not understand the way the business model works at a shelter.Should You Buy a cute Kitten?

When people give kittens up for adoption, the owners usually do not spend any more time with the kittens than was necessary, even though they have had them from eight weeks old. This is not because the kittens are not good homes; it’s just that the owners are not interested in them any longer. These owners either do not know how to take care of cats, do not know how to properly look after a cat when it is young, or do not care. The result is that the kitten has been abandoned and probably has been mistreated while its still very young. A kitten is a beautiful, adorable creature, but one who need proper care to grow up to a healthy, happy adult cat. If you don’t want to raise a kitten yourself, then you might have to look somewhere else to adopt one.Buy a Kitten

When you buy a kitten from a pet store you won’t get the opportunity to socialize it with other animals or people, and this could lead to problems down the road. When a kitten is raised in an environment where it feels safe and secure, it is much less likely to suffer from abandonment or stress when it is young. Socializing your new pet can take place in many different places, including a new home, an indoor catio, or an outdoor enclosure. Whatever you choose, make sure to give your cat the experience it needs before you bring it home.

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