Learn All About Kitten Vaccinations

Learn All About Kitten VaccinationsSo why do so many veterinarians still recommend a course of kitten vaccinations, as well as those for a puppy? The answer probably lies in the simple fact that vaccination is part of responsible pet ownership. Kittens and puppies receive significant maternal antibodies from the milk of their mothers. These antibodies are also perfectly designed to guard young animals from bacterial and viral infections as their systems develop, but as they grow older, they prevent the immune system from responding properly to future infections. While they can sometimes prevent serious disease, they often will not protect the animal from common viruses and infections.About Kitten Vaccinations

The problem occurs when a kitten or puppy receives too many vaccinations at an early age. In some cases, this results in the pet developing an allergy to one of the vaccines, which means that he or she will need to be re vaccinated. This is a very frustrating situation for the pet’s owner, since the pet’s immunity against diseases has already been compromised. The result is that kittens and puppies, even those with the most sophisticated immunizations, can suffer life-threatening situations if they are exposed to unbalanced immune systems. So even if you think your pet is immune to some common diseases, it’s a good idea to double check, especially if your veterinarian has not recommended any kitten or puppy vaccines.Kitten Vaccinations

Unfortunately, not all vets make it easy for pet owners to obtain the necessary kitten vaccines. Even with a thorough search, it can be difficult to find one that has a reliable source for them. Fortunately, there are several web sites on the Internet that keep pet owners informed about where they can find kitten and puppy vaccines. They usually contain a complete list of providers of kitten and puppy vaccinations, complete with contact information and vaccination recommendations. Once you have a list of possible locations, you can call each one and obtain price estimates, making it easier than ever before to choose the best veterinarian for your kitten or puppy.

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