Kitten Behavior Problems and Solutions

Kitten Behavior Problems and SolutionsIf you own cats at home, or are planning to get one anytime soon, there is a need for you to know about some basic kitten behavior that will be useful in training them. Kittens learn fast and with proper training, they can learn a lot of things quickly and easily. By providing them with the right environment and the basic tools, the training process would surely go smoothly. These tips below will provide you a better understanding about what you need to keep in mind when training your kitty.Kitten Behavior Problems

Kittens scratch because they are exploring their surroundings, it is considered as one of the normal behavior of this cute animal. Scratching is something that cats love to do and they usually do it when playing around, so you need to create a scratching post where your kitty can scratch without damaging furniture or the furniture surrounding your home. You should also place a cat leash on him to make him obedient to follow your commands.Kitten Behavior

As for the hissing, it is considered as one of the common kitten behavior problems. But hissing can also be a sign of other illnesses like urinary tract infection and bacterial infections. If hissing starts to annoy you, it means that your kitten needs to see the vet. The vet will give your cat a prescription and medication for his condition. If your vet prescribes medications for your cat and he still has not received any effects, then he may need a treatment from the vet. However, this is not a reason why you should stop taking your cat to the vet because medication for this medical condition is not available in the market yet.

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